Australia is one of the biggest countries in the world. It comply its own uniqueness in a way that it can be said, if there is any place under the sun is this country, Australia where people belonging to all sorts of ages and background can live with the fullest.

It all speaks about its people and culture. So, if so many factors describe the nation, how can the Politicians of the place can be opted out?

The prosperity and advancement has been with huge efforts invested by the Efficient and Prominent leaders of Australia. Here are some of the most famous leaders of Australia.

  • Malcolm Turnbull: – Malcolm Bligh Turnbull has a versatile background of being a Journalist, Investment Banker, Entrepreneur, Lawyer and of course Politician.
  • Tony Abbott: – Abbott was a Member of Australian Parliament and was 28th Prime Minister of Australia.
  • Julia Gillard: – Julia was predecessor of Tony Abbott. She was 27th Prime Minister of Australia. She was the only woman Prime Minister and holding big positions in Australia.
  • Bob Hawke: – He was the third longest office holding Prime Minister of Australia in terms of duration. He was elected 23rd Prime Minister of Australia.
  • John Howard: – John was elected as the 25th Prime Minister of Australaia.
  • Kevin Rudd: – He has been most famous of all leaders as he was elected twice as Prime Minister of Australia.
  • Paul Keating: – Paul John Keating was 24th elected Prime Minister of Australia.
  • Robert Menzies: – He was very much acclaimed politician in Australia who was referred as Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, who had also served twice as Prime Minister of Australia.
  • Kim Beazley: – Kim was famous in the political circuit of Australia and had held position of Prime Minister of Australia.
  • John Curtin: – John belonged to Australian Labor Party and was 14th Prime Minister of Australia.

The list seems endless for the famous and most efficient leaders that Australia has witnessed. These leaders had contributed maximum for the country’s Social, Economic, political wellbeing.

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